• It’s time to choose.

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    I’m really sorry for how all of this is going. I never thought I could feel this much pain, I really didn’t. And I never thought I’d watch my whole world crumble down in front of me. I never thought I’d him the way I did. And I never thought my best friends would change. Never though I’d live to see everyone changing just as the seasons are.

    And now, I’m following my heart. because when i was growing up, that’s what i was always told. follow your heart. and now, i’m waiting to be 16 and fall in love. well hell, i’m almost there. and everything right now seems so wrong, doesn’t it? like the world is turned upside down and you can’t figure out which way to go or what to do. i know that feeling, i really do. and i’m sorry that he has more of my heart. you deserve to keep that chin up. people who are meant to be always find their way in the end.

    And i really don’t have anything in life figured out, but that’s okay. I wish for one second, i could slow it down. stop growing up so fast, but I can’t. I wish I could just take a step back and look at my life, and decide who I am. But i’m done trying so hard just to lose everything i have.

    This is my life now. And i choose how it goes.

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