• Best friends without benefits.

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    You confuse me. Quite a bit, actually. You say we’re best friends. You know that I want to be more than that. Everyone around us does. I may even be in love with you and you know I don’t throw that word around. I really appreciate you walking all the way across town just to see me because I had a bad night. But next time, could you try not kissing me and following it up with “I think we should just be friends”? Because I can’t even begin to explain how much that hurt. You know me better than anyone so this should really surprise you….. I cried when you left my house that night. Weird, huh? And if you don’t understand my confusion yet, here is a list of things you do/did:

    – You constantly call me beautiful
    – You constantly call other girls hot
    – Two nights before this whole incident, you showed up at my house just because you missed me.
    – Now you’re ignoring me
    – You have wanted to kill every guy who has ever played me
    – For all intents and purposes, you played me

    I love you in so many ways. Please don’t toe her me anymore.

    Love, me.

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