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    Dear Heart,

    You’re prone to making these decisions about people. You give them lots of chances and try to help them and frequently end up alone because of it. You often see it coming from a mile away, but you always believe in the benefit of the doubt and care despite yourself. Many of these people take up vacancies in your heart and you’d do anything to help them, if they ever asked, if they were still around. It’s really difficult, pretty much impossible, to forget about them, even if they’ve forgotten about you. Each stranger you meet, especially lately, has that same potential of falling into that category, in which they take a small (well, last time it wasn’t so small) part of your soul and then leave you feeling sad and confused and lonely all over again when they leave. Experiences with these people have helped shape who you are, in many good ways, but you have become terribly wary of letting more people in, which is a double-edged sword. Because when you let people in you get carried away. But if you don’t let people in then you feel this way all of the time. And I know that you’re ready to not feel this way anymore, but these things don’t always come when you’re ready. And you’re impatient but scared to move forward at the same time. Be brave, my little heart, and we’ll be okay. I know that you’re afraid you don’t have much space in your heart anymore, but you’ve got a big heart and a lot to give and maybe it won’t ever go right, but you’ve been pretty close and it was worth it. People feel like bad ideas a lot, and maybe you’ve made stupid decisions, but that’s life, heart. And it really is going to be okay. Just take the leap.


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