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    I’m here thinking to myself, now I do not know how I feel and I feel it all. I think none of you could understand me but they can try it yourself imagining what they feel as though some in the world trying to look like others, will always be unique in some way. Really just wanted to write but there is no special reader who wants to write, I tell the world what is happening to me.

    Some may think I’m crazy sometimes I’ve come to believe but this only goes through my mind when I try to look like another. Since the person I am not really believe that, believe that he thinks I’m crazy is that it actually is because it is not able to open to different thoughts to him, because he wants the world to look like him. But that person does not think that the most famous historical figures throughout the world were considered mad for example Albert Einstein had invented what if I had not opened his mind to invent? or Isaac Newton who had discovered the binomial theory? And finally John Locke who would have defined liberalism? And now I do the last question What would the future if in the past had not been that many consider these people crazy, but I consider heroes? Never ever thought that you show you accept it or not you envy the “crazy”

    The word crazy does not exist this only refers to a person who thinks differently only understand others who are considered “crazy.” But some do not understand is another thought differently but respect him. What if Van Gogh had painted his thought would have been equal to all mankind? Or that Khali Gibran had written as if he thought the world? Without thinking different art nor philosophy, nor science exist and I would not be here writing to the world regardless of whether or not they hear me.

    There are days when I wonder why some people change to be accepted or loved, never have to think that if you actually want to be who you are and how they want to be. If someone does not love does not change by one person to end up losing those who seriously want you as you are more than one, you are also the creation of somebody, you’re just an experiment, and I can ask: when a scientist wanted his creations? the point is that the changed person you do not really love you and leave you some day and end up just because love does not depend to create if not knowing and living.

    Are you afraid to tell you was that you would end up alone? If you did not understand because I never could understand why the world is concerned not to have company, the truth I am now and the only thing that brings you the loneliness is to discover who you really are, giving you afraid to know who you are because you do not try and discover the people you want and not only that, you can discover many things and become more than you thought you could be.

    Long ago I was one of the most happy that the world could have known. But many things have happened since then, things have depressed me and I slowly became one of the saddest people could exist. Many do not understand why a depression like the solitude but I found the answer feeling like them. I liked being alone to find my happiness again, I realized that my happiness does not depend on a person who knows if not myself. Since I came to that conclusion every day I wake up and see the sun shining just smiled faintly my life to exist, I feel the rain on my smile because I can feel and now I be happy to have the chance to live.

    I advise you not be afraid of your inner self because that is the only way to find an answer to every question you have and understand how to live life the way you want and enjoy it because it is very short to waste the time.

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    1. Uncool
      July 17, 2011 at 3:28 am

      You may not care about what I say nor do I expect you too, however take it up at face value (or no face since its technically anon here).

      Your right, my normality will not coincide with yours nor will my thought processes be remotely relate-able. I’ve always considered the term “crazy” as a ill-informed, judgmental notion that for a person who was or has been a thinker “outside the box,” they are (depending on societal standards) unacceptable or looked down upon based on trends and what not. Moreover a place to simple put even the most eccentric people in a category to discriminate intellect, however it may present itself, in a condescending light.

      Believe it or not, we are all crazy in one way or another, even more so we also have many dark desires that we wish to hide from the world no matter how “good” we present ourselves to those around that. However the important thing is to “know thy self to know thy purpose” – with that you can achieve the unachievable because you know who you are.

      Even amongst my colleagues I am considered eccentric but the point is moot, I know who I am now and no longer after to live a regretful or guilt ridden life. So even if I do end up being alone, I do want to help as many people as I can for however long I exist on this earth.

      Perhaps to change this worlds views on how we treat others…one of my personal hero’s Leonardo Da Vinci was involved in many arts and science and more notably one of the most autodidacts to have ever lived. He was also a very generous, kind man, who was never married. Whilst I do not wish to exactly mimic his accomplish, I can however exhibit the qualities that even if you are alone, that shouldn’t stop you from having a sense of humility, becoming a passionate person, and respect for your own self worth in the process.

      I do believe we may share similar qualities of a curious mind, philosophical reasoning, and the never ending journey of seeking new knowledge. There is nothing wrong with being ordinary but that shouldn’t stop you or me, whether we are in the presence of another or not, to be extraordinary – these are the people that shape history and leave a legacy long remembered a applauded for generations after they have passed this mortal plane.

      PS. On a side not I also like Ludwig Von Beethoven, Shakespeare, and Nicola Tesla (like him more then Einstein even though my dog is named after him. lol apples and oranges so to speak)

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