• My Perfect Muse

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    I love you.

    I have for so long. I just wasn’t ready for it until a few months ago. I wasn’t ready to be loved by you. I’ve told you with other words: You make me smile, and you don’t even have to try. You’re in a class by yourself. Your quirks are charming, endearing. Your smile makes me forget my thoughts.

    But none of them come close to those three. Just eight letters, two spaces, yet so full of meaning, emotion, unconditional trust.

    I see you and your smile in my dreams – the smile you gave me in the icy street, next to that snowbank almost as tall as me. The smile on your couch, years of unspent affection pouring out of your eyes. The smile in the morning, your eyes shining like the sky and holding just as much of my everything. – All variations of the one that made me fall for you in school, and kept you on my mind all this time.

    Thank you for helping me find my words again. Thank you for loving me, even when I was being such a confused and confusing wanker. You told me I always seemed fearless, but it turns out you’re the brave one.

    I miss you. I’ll see you soon babe, and we’ll hug. I’ll look into your eyes and I’ll tell you what I’ve longed to say, what you’ve longed to hear, for fifteen years.

    Always your valentine,
    Southern Belle

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