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    i’m gonna try to make this short, but i already know it will end up being just the opposite. i’m 14 and a girllll. this year, i found a boy who treated me right. he was perfect gosh i swear he was the closest thing to love. he’s one of those guys who every girl knows to stay away from, cause he’s bad news. you know what i’m talking about? yeah well being the way i am, i like the chase. i like the bad boys, the ones hard to hold on to and the ones that never likes a girl a lot. i wanted to be the girl to change him. and i did. he told me summer come, it would be me and him and forget the world forget everything he only wanted me. i gave him everything. that boy had the key to my heart, and knew every little thing to know about me. he was something i could always count on. he was like a DRUG. when someone means that much to you, you don’t see or think about anything but them, they are like part of your daily thing. they’re LIFE. bottom line, he left. he just one day over spring break, less than 3 weeks away from summer a day after i saw him and things were amazing, he hooked up with the girl who was such a bitch to me, she made my life hell and he knew it all, he knew everything about me. fast forward almost 4 months later and here i am. they’ve been dating all these months and i’m left trying to convince myself every day i am better without him, i can do without him. i know when someone leaves you without explanation, it absolutely sucks. but i wanted to write this to show you i’m still here taking it day by day and slowly getting over it cause the truth is if a guy is that low to do that, they’re not worth it. that’s just it. i know i’m young, but that means i’m that much weaker too. if i can do it, you can too. stay strong baby. and to that guy out there, i’m so glad you’re finally happy. and for that bitch, karma’s gonna get you, enjoy it like i did <3

    love love love 🙂

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