• I’m Sorry…

    by  • July 17, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Sorry • 0 Comments

    I want to say “I’m Sorry.”

    “I’m Sorry” for all the things I say.
    “I’m Sorry” for how rude and negative I can seem.
    “I’m Sorry” for how I act.
    “I’m Sorry” for my problems.
    “I’m Sorry” that I can’t help my mind.
    “I’m Sorry” that I have a minute case of social anxiety, and don’t really like to go places with large numbers of people; they make me nervous and panicky.
    “I’m Sorry” that I have partial insomnia.
    “I’m Sorry” that I have a temper due to the last two things.
    “I’m Sorry” that I can’t control what I say and think when I’m angry.
    “I’m Sorry” that I really can’t help it.
    “I’m Sorry” I say things you all must hate to hear.
    “I’m Sorry” my apologies go unheard.
    “I’m Sorry” that I’m useless.
    “I’m Sorry” I’m not who you’d like me to be.
    “I’m Sorry” I can’t be that person.
    “I’m Sorry” you can’t understand the problems I have.
    “I’m Sorry” I’m so moody.
    “I’m Sorry” I’ve called you crying.
    “I’m Sorry” I hate myself.

    I’m so Sorry I’m me.

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