• I thought you were different

    by  • July 17, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Confusion • 0 Comments

    Dear ex boyfriend #5,
    I feel as though you are the worst of all of them, even though you have treated me the kindest. Why did you lie about having feelings for me? You were the one who started it all, I never wanted a relationship with you to start with, but you convinced me otherwise and said you were a nice guy. I told you every guy I’ve ever dated thinks they are a nice guy, but you said you would prove me differently and you did, until the day you broke up with me. You said you were sorry for leading me on, for digging yourself deeper into the hole of our relationship. You may act like a nice guy, go to church, be kind to people in general but you are just another one of the guys I dated except, you are the worst, because you didn’t advantage of me a little, you made me love you and had sex with me even though you didn’t have feelings in return. Now all I feel like is a slut because I promised myself I would never have sex with someone unless we mutually had strong feelings. Then after of all of this you had the nerve to kiss me a week later.

    Sincerely, I hate myself for loving you

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