• Here’s to the one.

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    Here’s to the one who called me ugly: Thank you so much, you inspired me to work on my inner self rather than the outside. Maybe you should try it.

    Here’s to the one who told me I’ll never amount to much: I’m working twice as hard, just for YOU.

    Here’s for the one who loved me then left me: You were my first love, & I enjoyed every minute of it. Except when you ended it over text. Nice move btw. Thank you for showing me your true colors.

    Here’s to the father that wants me to be perfect: I’m sorry I’ve made mistakes in the past. There will be plenty more. But I just can’t be all that you want me to be. I have to live my own life. So live yours.

    Here’s to the sister that’s always been there for me: You truely are amazing.

    Here’s to the bestfriend I lost: I told you so. Was he worth it?

    Here’s to the Grandpa no longer with us: I miss you everyday. I know I was really young at the time to really understand what was going on but I know you were an amazing person. Inside & out. I wish everyday that I’m at your house that we could go for a ride one last time or you’d let me carry your tackle box one more time. You’re with our savior now. I’m going to make you proud Grandpa. One day.

    Here’s to the highschoolers I go to school with: We’re all complete idiots. We label each other & care about what everyone thinks. In the real world…NOONE cares.

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