• Hello World

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    Why is that you are working so hard, World? For every one person that whines and rolls out of bed when their alarm clock screeches in the morning, there is another person fallng into bed at the end of the day, exhausted. Why do you do that to yourself, World? Why do you rush through your days? Focusing all of your time on your work, on achieving success?

    We start out young, that’s for sure. Pre-school, grade school, junior high, high school. College. A job. A career. We’re always working towards something, are we not?

    For success is it that we rush through our meals? The small overlapping “it’s my turn in the bathroom” moments?

    Is it because you are sure they will happen again, World? And what happens when they are gone, World?

    Kiss your sisters in the morning, watch the sun rise with your cat, ask your mom how her day was, cook dinner for the family. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with putting away the laptop, closing the textbook, getting out of the office, and watching a movie with your family, or shopping with your friends.

    Life goes fast, take it slow.

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