• Do you ever ask yourself why?

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    Dear you know who,

    I fell for you, hard. My friends were not the biggest fans of you at all, to say the least, but for some reason I was so drawn to you. Why?

    You knew exactly what to say and how to touch me to make me fall for you. I was hooked. I was blinded by you. Why didn’t/couldn’t I listen to my friends?

    You played me, you played me like a game. I know you never cheated on me, and thank you for that. But what you did was worse. You sucked me into your life and your problems and I couldn’t get out. And then I felt like I had to stay there and help you, like I had all the answers and could steer you in the right direction by being there for you. Why did I do that?

    But you took advantage of that. You acted like one person when you were sober, and then with alcohol you were a totally different person, almost a stranger. You hurt me. Emotionally scarred me. Luckily never physically, but that was because my friends came to my rescue. I don’t know why they did that, even after I ignored them and didn’t listen to their advice. But why did you do that to me?

    Do you ever ask yourself why? Why was I so hypnotized by you? Why did you act like that? And why did you take advantage of my caring heart?

    Were you thinking about all this? Because I sure wasn’t.

    Next time ask yourself why.


    you know who

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