• A Poem: HELP!

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    HELP! I just want to love you
    The same way you love me.
    That unselfish love,
    That complete love,
    That heart pounding, just want to hold you forever kind of love.

    I do love you,
    I love you so much it hurts.
    When you leave for even a day
    I feel my heart miss your touch.
    I feel the loneliness set in.
    I finally feel the love that I know is there, but cannot always seem to show.

    But I don’t love you like you love me,
    At least I don’t think I do.
    I think I expect too much.
    Or really, I don’t know what I think.
    I just feel and know.
    Like, I know you are perfect for me,
    I feel you are the one.
    I know you perfect in every way,
    I feel my love for you wanting to come out,
    but it can’t.

    You, so generous, so kind, so caring
    You, so loving, so wonderful, so much the man of my dreams!
    Me, so spoiled by everything you do.
    Me, knowing I have what EVERYBODY searches for
    but unable to love you the same way back.
    At least I think so.

    What do I do?
    How do I feel?
    I feel so lost in love.
    What is holding me back from loving you,
    loving you like you love me?

    I think I know what it is,
    but the stupidity of it is what keeps me with you.
    That was high school, he’s happy now, he’s moved on, why can’t I?
    So, here I am
    writing a poem,
    on a website,
    to somebody.
    to somebody please help!
    What do I do

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