• What happened?

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    Dear C,

    We’ve were friends since the start of elementary school. Not caring about anything but friends and family. We were the very definition of best friends. We told each other everything. From guys, to drugs, to church. Absolutely everything; there were no boundaries.

    Something came into the picture that changed it all. You became quiet and my world became scarier. I thought at one point that I might lose you…and then I brushed it off like a fly. Who would have thought that I actually would? You started to keep secrets from me, thoughts from me, ideas from me, and all I got those days were a simple “Hello…”. Then you turned around talked trash about me. Why? I only want a simple answer, but I guess that was too much to ask.

    And when i ended up in the hospital because of the car accident, you never knew. You never…knew. You never took your mind off of your new boyfriend.

    My problem is your attitude. Your arrogance. Your rudeness.

    How could you throw away something as special as our friendship?
    And the best part is, you don’t even care.


    A Lost Cause.

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