• Thank you for leaving.

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    **background story to those reading, I broke up with my ex because I felt he stopped caring about me, then found out he was seeing someone else behind my back. Worst time period of my life thus far.

    Today is the first day I realized I am better without you. Today is also the first day I realized that I no longer miss you.

    When I was with you, I would merely spend my days wishing I was with you because you lived 20 minutes away. You took my car because I hated driving, and you would come see me whenever YOU wanted to. By the way, I am now fully capable of driving myself, and I realized that because you had my car and never let me drive it I never got better at driving.

    I would wait, and wait, and wait for you. I never knew when you would want to come over and see me. So I was constantly in limbo. I couldn’t even get to know my housemates in college, who have made me FAR more competent of a human being. They respect me, and push me to be a better person like you never did.

    I also no longer spend my days in bed not socializing because God forbid I met anyone while I was yours. You never trusted me, so I allowed you to pull me down to the point where I didn’t have any friends. I was fat, lazy, and sad all the time.

    Because I was with you, and accomodated to YOUR needs and YOUR lifestyle, I never got to focus on myself. The girl you left me for is probably starting to feel the same way. And if she isn’t, maybe she really is better for you. I know damn well that I wasn’t right for you, even though it took me seven months to realize that fact. You never pushed me or allowed to do things for myself.

    When I start my new radio show, I bet you’ll call me and try to get me to play your music on air. Well guess what? Your music sucks. And if you spent half the amount of time during our relationship that you did on music on me, maybe we would still be together.

    Here’s to you, the one who got away, but missed out on a wonderful person 🙂


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