• Molly’s moving on.

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    I love you and for awhile not you’ve called me your best friend but i don’t know how to be your best friend anymore. I’m tired of you always throwing your problems on me but never wanting to listen to me if i need you. Any time i’ve ever needed you you just go “oh..” “I know exactly how you feel” and then you start talking about yourself and how you hate life and no one understands you.

    Apparently no one cares for you and you have no real friends…then what am i? Am i no one when you call me crying on the phone? Am i no one when i listen to you bitch about things i really don’t care about. Am i no one when i tell you the honest truth but you refuse to listen to me because you love being thought of as the misunderstood girl. You aren’t misunderstood and you need to stop craving sympathy from other people.

    Oh i don’t know how you feel? I know exactly how you feel. You have no friends? Who are the crowd of people that always say hi to you? Where’s the crowd of people greeting me? Huh? Where are they? Your mom’s a horrible bitch? Oh really? is that why she lets you dye your hair and cut it as many times as you please? Is that why she talks to you and constantly gives you advice? Is that why she pays for medication i’m almost sure you don’t need? oh yeah she’s a real bitch.

    You know what? you’re always bitching about how other people are fake but sometimes you’re just as bad. You wear makeup too, extensions? oh you’ve got them too. Harry Potter? You couldn’t even say who Bellatrix was. I’m sorry… I’m the shy girl who isn’t going to go anywhere because i can’t speak up? You let anyone who is “cool” walk over you but the slightest dork to ask you for the time of day you run your mouth at him. You spend all your money on other people and you whine about how people take advantage of you. Keep your fucking mouth shut. Don’t go begging for people to answer you honestly and when they do you tell them you didn’t ask for them to talk to you. You’re a selfish ignorant girl.

    And you know what? There’s been two exact occasions when you’ve gotten mad at me and said “You’re to shy, you aren’t going anywhere like that, you need to stop avoiding your feelings” Maybe you’re fucking right but tell me once more and i swear to you i’ll tell you everything that’s on my fucking mind.

    -The annoyed pissed off best friend.

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