• I wish we’d had a chance

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    Dear you,

    I really really wish we’d had a chance. I knew you for nearly a year, and never said a word to you. But then we spend one week, one simple, measly week together and everything’s changed. I love you now. Too bad things on the outside world have changed too. I no longer live right next to you, I will never be able to see you laughing with them that would’ve been my friends on Sundays. I moved, to a whole new state, 15 hours away. That’s too long, too much pressure on a brand new relationship. If only I’d gotten to know you when I’d still lived there, the boy who talked to some people I’d been too scared to talk to. If only we’d become friends, or more, at that time, it’d be easier now, knowing we’d had our shot. What would’ve happened, and I let us become anything at all? I guess I’ll never know. So now I’m sitting at home, alone, in the wrong state, missing your arms around me, knowing that there is nothing to do but get over you, but really really wishing I didn’t have to. I know you liked me too. I just wish.. too many things. But mostly I wish I didn’t have to write this stupid letter you’ll never get anyway. I love you.

    From, me

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