• I Just Want to be Pretty, Why Can’t You Understand?

    by  • July 16, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Self-Esteem • 1 Comment

    I like when I’m hungry. It makes me feel as though I’m getting closer to my goal. It reminds me that I can survive without eating everything I see.

    I love feeling my hip bones, it shows me I’m not too big yet, and reminds me what I have to lose, what’s at stake.

    I hate when I eat to fill the hunger. It means I’m weak.

    And who likes to be weak?

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    1. l1770
      July 16, 2011 at 9:34 am

      I have been there before. They way you say you think hunger is a good thing reminds me of myself when I was going through the EXACT SAME THING. i understand how you feel and your need to be skinny and your need to avoid food and your need to exercise until you faint from exhaustion. and i am better now. i am still thin and i am beautiful but i am not sick, i am healthy. please stop doing this you are a beautiful person and others will see you as beautiful too. you need to love yourself dont continue hurting like this.

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