• Heartbreaker

    by  • July 16, 2011 • Heartbreak, Karma • 0 Comments

    Dear boy,
    You treated me like dirt so that you could be with another girl. I gave you another chance and although you promised you would treat me well, you lied. You now have a girlfriend and I have been single for over a year. And part of me wants to be happy for you, but the other part of me wants to scream and cry. I want to tell her all the hell that you put me through. I also want to find a man, not a boy. And while you might think you’re a man, you aren’t. Men don’t break up over text messages. They keep their promises. And they know how to properly treat a lady. I hope this new relationship works out for you, but know that karma is a bitch.

    The greatest girl you could have had.

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