• Dear Fuck It,

    by  • July 16, 2011 • Dating • 0 Comments

    Hey, This wont be the last letter I write but I knew I wouldn’t wait forever. His name is George. He hurts too. He makes me laugh and smile and he actually can be with me. At the end of august, He isn’t going to leave me to another town. I have no clue where I’m going or if it will be with him. However None Of this matters.

    You own a piece of my heart. Take good care of it. I will not forget you, not now, not ever.

    What is Important is that this kid George, he can make me happy even though I haven’t met him. Not yet, however I’m going to. and I know you’ll say you’re happy for me, and I know you probably will be. I guess you’re stronger then I. However I am happy to know I can feel again, feel happy with out you. I will still listen to your playlist and Im sure you will keep pretending I don’t but I guess we can both be happy because I know I can be strong, on My Own, With out You. and maybe if alls well that ends well, us four can double date. Just know. You will always have a piece of my Good For Nothing Heart.

    Also remember, I don’t have a penis, If that ever leaves his car, You’re gonna die(:

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