• Dear Friends, or whatever.

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    Nigel, I hate her. I hate knowing she hurts you. I hate knowing you’re not mine and I Fucking HATE hearing her tell me how you said I was nothing. I hate hearing her say how little I meant to you. She’s a bitch, She shoves you in my face. She was a friend, But this? The shit she pulls? Oh come on. “Where does the hate come from?” don’t flatter yourself, I don’t hate her over you. I just hate when she shoves you in my face like thats all you’re worth, the chance to be better then me.

    George. I know I don’t know you but don’t hurt me. So far you seem to be right up my alley, so I’ll let the chips fall as the may. Just saying though, I think I’m starting to like you, God knows how much or for how long, But just don’t hurt me. If you ever get the chance(;

    Misty, Listen, we both know our friendship hasn’t been where it once was for a while. Can you stop with the bullshit? We both know he’s yours now. But if you don’t stop I’m going to say something I regret. Like the fact that we kissed. I want to tell you that it was just truth or dare like when he kissed Pettie. But let’s be honest, I’m not pettie. When tom left pettie told me all the feelings that he saw that night. He thought that me and nigel were sleeping together behind your back. Were not, Just cuddles I swear. It really sucks that you’re so much more jealous than me when It comes to well anything. I miss him, I wont lie But cut the bullshit. I didn’t mean to feel this way so can you stop being a super cunt? I understand it hurts that I would be with him, when you threw him away so much. But stop making him seem like all he’s worth is pissing me off with another story. He isn’t. He’s worth more than me, and you, and anything else you come up with.

    Baby, I know its wrong for me to be happy when you fight one of my friends, But let’s get real here, I want you to cut a bitch<3

    Just friends, I'll beat chu up, Hannabella, Sunshine

    P.S. Fuck You All

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