• Church Boy…

    by  • July 16, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Frustration • 0 Comments

    You brighten my day just thinking about you,
    you make the happiest girl when you give me a hug,
    you talk to me about life and I completely agree with you,
    I thought I made progress but then I realized I didn’t,
    I am starting to realize that you really need a distraction,
    you are constantly flirting with other girls and that’s a killer,
    then she comes in and you just about as happy as I am to see you,
    but then there is my best friend and you seem to have taken an interest in,
    I just wish that you would have as much fun with me as you do with her,
    I don’t even think she likes you which makes things even worse,
    I hope that I can show you how I feel,
    but it’s gonna take something big to make you notice me instead of them,
    so maybe I’ll have to pull out the tricks you thought me,
    will that be enough or will I just have to see you every week after week,
    and just wonder what could have been instead of what is,
    the thing I wish the most is that I could get the courage to tell you,
    and hopefully you will say that you like me too.

    Church girl

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