• Best friends sometimes isn’t enough…

    by  • July 16, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, To You • 0 Comments

    We’re best friends. We’ve called ourselves BFFLs for the last three years and thats what we are. It’s funny because you used to be my other best friend’s boyfriend. And then you broke up and she started being horrible to me, but you were there. So that’s how it started. Although I’m happy being what we are, sometimes I just wish we were more than that.

    I’ve seen you be with other girls and I see how you treat them. You’re always so incredibly good to them and I want that for myself. I used to think that I was just looking for that same happiness that you had, but I’ve come to realize it’s not. I want you. Just you and only you. I’m hopelessly and desperately in love with my best friend, how cliche. But true.

    When we hang out and you hold me in your ams and we just talk, or just say nothing and bask in our comfortable silence, I want to stay there forever. You make me feel safe, loved, cared for, comfortable, just happy. The real kicker? We’ve been “together” before. Your kisses make me woozy and when you’re so close that you’re just looking straight into my eyes, I feel like you can see straight through me. You were me “first”. And that’s something I’ll never forget. And it sucks because I get jealous when I see you with other girls, even when I know you’re not mine. I just wish that you could give us a chance. I just want to know.

    They always say that good relationships start from good friendships. Well, since we’re great friends wouldn’t that make actually being together even easier and better?

    We’re only 18, but I think we’d be really happy together for a really long time. Can’t we just try? I know you don’t want to mess up what we have, but if we really are that close, if we didn’t work out, it wouldn’t end our friendship. We could go right back to the way we were. At least I’d know.

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