• Whatever happened to forever and always…

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    Dear V,

    I’m sick and tired of being here and loving you this way. It’s exhausting and it breaks my heart. What should I do? Should I keep waiting for you to remember me and why you loved me before? Or should I turn the page and move on? Who am I kidding!? I just can’t sleep without thinking of you and I just can’t wake up without dreaming of you. There isn’t a day without remembering you, and I’m sure you’d move on. Why can’t I? I mean, why can you? You are in a different city, in a different state, in a different country, miles and miles away and still, you can break me in a million pieces. Fuck distance, I WANT YOU HERE WITH ME RIGHT NOW. I gave you my heart, September 15, and I thought you, crazy me, that I would marry you. Why? Because you are sooooo perfect. I can see your flaws and still love you. Here’s a secret, when we were together I just couldn’t believe you were with a girl like me. I secretly thought you deserved so much better. Remember your last day here with me? Boy, I just can’t forget the way you hugged me. I wanted that day to be perfect and the sudden change of plans changed my mood and yet you were still there hugging me, kissing me, and telling me how much you loved me and that no matter what life brings to us we will ALWAYS be together, that no matter if we were 1996 km2 our hearts will be together. God! What happened to that boy? You loved me a lot. And know it seems like if I’m your worst enemy. Last night we talked, or at least I did, and I couldn’t feel you… it’s like if you are putting this huge and hard barrier infront of me. So, I just wanted you to know that you still have a friend and you can count on me. Whatever, whenever, wherever… remember?

    With love,

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