• Unfortunate Jealousy

    by  • July 15, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Jealousy • 0 Comments

    I hate these feelings; jealousy is my least favorite emotion. I want what you have, but I also want you to have what you want, but those cannot coincide. I am unfortunately creating all of these ideal situations inside of my head, where we’re both happy and have what we want, but this absolutely will not happen because both of you just cannot coexist without the other, while in my opinion, your coexistence is the issue. Why must I feel this way? I keep saying I shouldn’t, but that’s a hell of a lot easier said than done. I wish I could just drop it and forget that this is happening, but it’s so damn present right now that it makes me sick. I love you, but I want what you have so bad. And sometimes I think that what you have wants what I want, and not what you want, but then I sadly sink back and let it sink in that this is most likely true. When you talk about it, I pretend to be happy, and well, to throw some more honesty in I am truly happy when you are happy. I mean it, I love you so much. But sometimes I am a little thrown off as to what I want more…

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