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    by  • July 15, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, The Bitch • 1 Comment

    chris is an insane person, like an animal. she tried to rape me, always think about only herself, bothering others, being ignorant, stealing people’s money and never giving back. she doesn’t care how others feel and she owes me like $350 and told me that it was a gift from me. she doesn’t show appreciation at all.

    miyabi is a very ugly bitch and very stupid and mean. she doesn’t have nice things about herself, only her body but there are plenty of women who’s got better body with much better personality so she isn’t really worth it and she thinks she’s very beautiful so it’s funny. and her blowjob isn’t good but she thinks she knows what she’s doing. I was too nice to tell her i don’t like it.

    shaekinah is a fat bitch, sad and depressing psycho who posted my real name, info, my pics and really really bad lies about me online. she can’t be happy unless I’m suffering and she always thought that she was smarter and more mature. yet she’s controlled by her emotions and has done many bad things. she told me many times i should feel bad, apologize to her sincerely and stupid things like that. so i think if she’s good enough to follow the very thing she told me, she should kill herself.

    Alicia isn’t so bad but just too lazy and also doesn’t appreciate my kindness. she doesn’t do what she’s supposed to do before she asks me to do things for her. this may be my problem, I give away too easily. but you made me disappointed in you.

    jessica: she’s a real criminal.. I’m not kidding she steals a lot from stores, doesn’t care for her baby, lies always, stole almost $4000 from me. she also threat her own baby’s life many times. I won’t have to do anything, because sooner or later she’ll go to jail.

    come to think of it.. it was my choice to make friends/have sex with them. friends make friends with same kind of people.. though I don’t do mean bad things like those bitches did. I always try to be nice.. maybe I was too nice, so those bad people who do bad things came to me, thinking I’m kind so they can do whatever they want.. so I will tell myself to be a better person. was it my kindness that drew those bad people in my life?

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    1. M
      July 28, 2011 at 9:17 am

      the person who wrote it seems… just angry but you know, there’s something I can’t say, but.. I don’t know what it is.

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