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    *I know that you feel alone sometimes and I feel alone too (it’s normal, I promise!), but just know that it’s okay to ask me for help or comfort or anything.

    *Girls aren’t worth it. Especially THOSE ones. I’m not gonna judge you for being into those ones (hormones, puberty, it’s NORMAL) but don’t get so caught up with what these chicks think of you. If they wanna be with morons, so be it. One day you’re gonna make some lucky lady very happy, and I hope I get to live to see it.

    *When I go to a university it’s gonna be so weird not seeing you everyday, but we’ll have technology! We can skype and text and FB and I’ll be home for all of the big things. Maybe a lot of the little things. It’s not as far as we think it is 🙂

    *You are perfect. You probably think folks only like you because you’re athletic but it’s everything else is awesome too. Everyone has vices, don’t be ashamed in yours. Don’t be afraid to tell people who you really are, what you really like, where your really wanna go in life. And if you need any support, you know I’m always here. I’m not gonna sit here and preach to you; you’re 16, for Pete’s sake. I just hope you know all this stuff already 🙂

    I love you always, Mancub

    Your sis.

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