• Moving On

    by  • July 15, 2011 • Breaking Up • 0 Comments

    Dear ****,
    Do you have any how much I loved you? You swept me off my feet, only to drop me and leave me in the dirt. I gave you everything I had, but of course, it wasn’t enough for you. Fuck you. You didn’t appreciate the connection we had, the understanding. I hate you for the pain you caused me. It’s extremely hard for me to smile, any I manage are when I’m far from anything related to you. You’re always on my mind, and I want your voice and smile and eyes OUT. I’m sick and tired of seeing you everywhere I go and thinking about you whenever I see any little thing that reminds me of you. Yet I can’t help it.. I owe you for allowing me to discover things about myself I never could on my own.. Strangely, I am grateful for that and it’s something I can’t bring myself to terms with. I want to forget about you. It’s been six months since that night I cried. I still feel for you the same way, but I am done feeling this way. I’m moving on. I know you’re a horrible person. I know you will never feel the way I do. I’m just another name on your list, and you’re a liar and asshole, and I never want to see you or hear from you ever again.

    -Glad to be done

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