• I wish you picked her sometimes…

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    I didn’t know that she was raped twice and adopted. I did know that you were happy when you were together even though you only talked to her through the computer and had never actually seen her in real life. I was talking to you when she broke up with you for the last time. A week later, you asked me out. I thought of you as my older brother and my best friend, and to be honest, I didn’t like you when you asked me out. Not in a romantic way. But, I said yes, i don’t know why. I just did. Two days later, my friend committed suicide. I walked out of the gym in a crowd of people while the tears wouldn’t stop falling. I knew that you weren’t behind me. But, before i even got outside to the school courtyard I felt an arm pull me out of the crowd. It was you. You didn’t look at me, you just guided me away. I cried in your arms for hours that day, and you just held me and smoothed out my hair. ….later that night she called you and you realized that she really loved you. I thought that you were going to break up with me, because I knew that you loved her. You had even told me after you talked to her, that you still loved her. i suggested that we split, it hurt her a lot that you were already with someone. I felt that you should be with her. But, you didn’t. You didn’t leave me. I don’t know why. but you stayed. It’s been six months since then and I love you. I might not be the right girl but I love you. Although, i still wish you went back to her. I would have been okay if you did. I feel so bad knowing that you’re the kindest boyfriend she’s ever had and that her life is so hard.. I feel bad that you’re with me. I don’t want her to hurt.

    I love you,

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