• i trusted you

    by  • July 15, 2011 • Letting Go • 0 Comments

    Somehow i wanted to believe that you actually cared. I trusted you because i thought above anyone, you of all people would be honest and not used me. I’ve known you for so many years, as a friend and a coach and a family friend.

    Why would you sneak around with me if you didn’t care? My whole freshman year i was left to believe that you liked me, only to find out you had been texting my best friend the whole time saying the exact same stuff you said to me. The worst part is that she was on the team too. We got back together when i was home because i thought it would be different, I thought you had chosen me over all the other girls. it wasn’t. Everything you said was a lie, right to my face, and you gave me absolutely no respect when I hadnt done anything wrong, except thinking you cared.

    None of the guys look at me the same anymore. now i’m just the girl that slept with the coach, they don’t know the inside, or how much you lied or pretended like you actually cared.

    And that night you called me from the strip club leaving me a message with your friend saying what you did there, are you kidding me?! like what kind of person does that? was that suppose to make me jealous? You called me 6 times that night, left 4 messages and sent 2 texts begging me to wake up so we could talk. If you really wanted to talk you could have called when i told you i was going to bed instead of waiting another hour so you could pound back a few more beers. The only thing I wish i knew if what you really wanted to talk about that night or if you just wanted to lead me on some more just to drop me right on my face.

    I hate your guts, and i can’t even stand to look at you on the field.

    At least you taught me some very valuable lessons along the way. and for that i thank you. But the way you treated me, i will never forgive you and you will never be the same in my eyes ever again. go call another chick for your pathetic loneliness at night because i’m gone and done wasting my time.

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