• For everyone who forgets that they can learn from everyone they meet.

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    You’re not stupid, and that is perhaps the biggest detriment to your intelligence. Did you really forget that you were once a lowly person just like me? Lost and confused and struggling againgst all odds to pursue an impossible dream, out of sheer love for it? Now you sit fat and doughy and repulsive, clad in purple, in a luxurious office that may only be accsessed with your secretary’s permission. Bitch. We’re all people. We’re all the same.

    Someday when you’re lying fat and doughy and repulsive, clad in lacey pajamas, in a luxurious bed all alone, weak, and dying, I hope you see my name flash across your tv screen. You failed to pursue your passion and resigned yourself to facebook stalking students and attempting to terrorize them with emails. Do you even sing anymore? You certainly won’t then, lying in luxury and feeling completely empty for it. You have no accomplishments of substance, and you won’t earn them. You know nothing of love, tederness, and acceptance, and you won’t learn it. You have no pleasant memories of yourself, and you won’t make them. And at the end of your life when you truly are powerless to change you will see me, and I will blow your mind.

    Because I learn. That’s what a student does, right? I’m not stupid either, and unlike you, I pay attention. I see how your intelligence and your cunning, something that could have made you great, has made you pathetic and alone. So maybe today you feel like you’ve won but I absolutely know you won’t forget. And someday you will know. As you said yourself, the music world is very small. People talk. And it’ll by my name coming from their lips.

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