• Dear Mom.

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    Dear mom –

    we have also got along even in the worst of situation, but this is one of the few things you have done that has deeply upset me. You see i have been attending this christian camp for the past 4 years and you have never had a problem with it. Two of my closest friends are taking the LIT program (Leader In Training) this summer. and there is nothing i want more than to become a leader with them. But for some reason you won’t let me. I know there is no use arguing with you because no matter what you will always win. After asking for the past 3 years you have finally let me join the dish crew. As terrible as a job as it sounds, it’s the time of your life when you’re up there working with everyone else and just goofing off. However the dish crew only goes up to age 16 which i am now. So this will be my first and last year of working at camp. Which really tears me inside. I mean i don’t understand why you won’t let me go, you claim that i’m not a true “christian” because i am okay with gay marriage, and don’t necessarily believe in “hell”. But it’s not like i’m jewish pretending to be christian. I am christian. I’m just not an extremist. I’m not running away to become a nazi. I’m attending a christian camp. I don’t see what the problem is. You think that because i don’t believe in absolutely everything that i should not be teaching children about the faith. I want to a part of the camp in anyway possible, but how am i supposed to talk about this with you when you won’t let me? Even if you did let me, you would never let me book of work for an entire summer, but it SHOULD be my choice. I still smile with you and pretend like nothing is wrong even though i have never been more upset with you. And i can’t even discus it with you because i know it will end in a HUGE fight. I just wish you would let me deside these things for myself.

    sincerely- Your daughter

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