• why are you doing this to me

    by  • July 14, 2011 • Dating • 1 Comment

    things i need to say to you, but who knows if i ever will:

    1. why was it such a big deal i knew your facebook password?
    2. did you delete all of those pictures or was it really “someone else” like you said?
    3. do you realize how much i have cried over you in the past 2 months?
    4. do you realize how furious you make me?
    5. why can’t you text me when you say you will?
    6. why can’t you admit when you’re wrong?
    7. why are you doing this to me?

    *. don’t you dare think you can string me along forever, i’ve been patient enough this whole fucking summer and i’m at my breaking point. i am not a booty call, i am your girlfriend. whether you use the word or not, you know i am. YOU LOVE ME and you fucking know it. i don’t care that i am going to the other side of the world, be a man and get the fuck over it. i don’t even want to talk to another guy, yet cheat on you. i’m fucking in love with you and you need to understand this. the only reasonable explanation for any/all of this is that you’re scared…but what i don’t get is what you are so afraid of. if you love me and i love you then what is the problem? why can’t you just say it and be with me? why are you doing this to me? did you know that i only cried once because of you until may.. now i can’t even tell you how much i’ve cried since. i want to scream and punch you for making me feel this helpless and shitty, but yet every time i see you i smile and giggle and i want you. i really love you and would spend the rest of my life for you if you asked. but i’m in the in-between and i refuse to stay here forever.

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    1. Kavricia
      June 12, 2016 at 1:06 am

      I DO NOT HAVE ANY ONE ELSE I ONLY WANT MY BETTER HALF That’s hurt & Upset with me because he doesn’t know how to express his concerns or questions and rather Go find out no matter what and getting himself up set over a simple question you could have asked and got a honest Answer if You’ve Been Giving Some in return. I want to be able to talk about anything and everything with that Guy if Only he’d Stop Pushing me Away and Try Loving And communicating with me We Could really have a Happy Life together Forever. I don’t want to Start over with Any one. I Want you. I Love You

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