• Why

    by  • July 14, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Regret • 0 Comments

    Why is it that you can always take my breath away even after 10 years of not talking?? You can drive by and I lose my train of thought. You’re like an addiction- I feel like I have to have you around. I have to be able to talk to you- if not I am lost and feel like I have this cloud over my head. We’ve tried to break this off, yet everytime a couple weeks later one of us runs back to the other with some sort of a problem then the cycle starts all over again. Every one tells me that I need to just walk away- you’re going to hurt me even worse this time- but yet I keep coming back- you text me to say Hi and there all common sense goes again right out the window. I have always felt this way about you and you know that I have but yet we always connect at the wrong time. One of us is always in a relationship when the other one isn’t. If only we could rewind back to when we first met, maybe then things would be different now. Thats what I keep going back to is that what if. I know you don’t beleive in what ifs- you always tell me there should be no what ifs in life, but with you there is and the way it looks right now there always will be.

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