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    hey there 🙂

    I wish things could be different, 3 years on and I still think about you all the time, I know I shouldn’t, what we had was nothing in relationship terms, but it had the potential to be everything and more. I respect that you were shy and if she hadn’t have interfered I’m confident that everything would be so much different. It scares me how much I still like you, care about you and wish that we were together, nobody else compares. We clicked and I know (well I’m fairly certain) if we met under different circumstances it would be perfect. If I could plan how this would work now it would be to bump into you and have that ‘click’ again, but in reality maybe things have got too awkward now. I forget at times, but I’m never over it, it’s weird I don’t think anyone else would understand. As long as you’re happy, I’m happy but it pains me all the time to think that…actually, you could be so much happier XxXx

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    1. Angel
      July 14, 2011 at 11:21 pm

      Careful what you wish for… I am pretty sure I made a similar wish way back then but I forgot to wish we could actually be together when we finally bumped into each other again. The weirdest thing is that he said we would bump into each other again and we did several years later and we all became good friends. We both felt that “click” when it happened too, I know he did as well. But of course the circumstances were wrong, we were both with other people. It’s a long story but things are a bit awkward with us now because of the people that know. It saddens me that it has come to the point that I think I have to exit his life at this time. And I hope that if we bump into each other again I don’t end up with a case of inherited Alzheimer’s!! Long story but there was a bit of a problem with my long term memory during our discovery of meeting again. Good luck to you… I wish you all the best.

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