• To my John Mayer Look Alike.

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    I hope one day you’ll be on this website and realize it’s me writing this to you. You know how you’ll know? Because our inside joke is when we talk to whales like Dory from finding Nemo.I met you only 4 days ago and I’ve fallen head over heels for you faster than anyone I’ve ever been with. Our date was supposed to be a slap in the face towards my ex, you knew that, but ended up turning into one of the best times in my life…so far. It feels like we clicked instantly, and it just feels so right. Even you said that yourself. I’m completely and totally content with where we are right now. And I know you’ll be going off to college soon while I’m stuck here for two more years but I hope you’ll find it in your heart to make this last. You make me so happy, from your grip on me, your immaculate smile, or those gorgeous eyes that I can’t even figure out the color of. It’s like they’re green but with those spots in the middle…wow. And I hate my eyes but you tell me they’re beautiful. I can’t get your voice out of my head, especially when we’re laying down and you’re singing the words to one of your favorite bands or artists. I love our silliness when we’re kissing or just talking. Like religion with the flying spaghetti monster. When I told you everyone at our school thinks you’re a god and a lot of girls are jealous, you laughed and asked me why. You’re amazing. In every way possible. You deny it, and deny it all you want but you haven’t seen yourself through my eyes. I’m falling for you, is that scary? I’m not showing or saying anything though because I don’t want to get too attached…well I do but I’m guarding myself from it so I won’t be hurt again. You said you didn’t want to hurt me and it was the last thing you planned on doing…I believe you, I do. Let’s make this last forever and ever…we’re in this together. It takes two to make this decision baby. We’re moving fast but I think we can both handle it. We’ve only got one life, love.Thank you Bennett for showing me I can find better<3

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