by  • July 14, 2011 • Forgiveness • 0 Comments

    I’ve loved you forever…i hurt your heart and saddened your soul, she picked you up and mended your mind. i’ve faded from our memory but never let us go. i’ve waited and wondered if you’d ever find forgiveness for me. i’ve numbed my hate for what i did with misery. your eyes have been a memory of such a beautiful soul, i love you joey and the beauty you always had, the light u carry with you could change the devils mind. you say you could never hate me but your coldness tells the truth i know i am the memory that keeps you binded to pain, i am your darkness and you’ve always been my light since you never came back i’ve never been the same. i found sobriety but with it came the pain. i can’t find a place in the world, i cant b loved i will never belong again i belong with you. i know she loves you too and i like herv alot she was good to our kids and you, why did u hurt her? is that my fault, too? i am faded without you.

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