• i’m done caring about you.

    by  • July 14, 2011 • Betrayal • 0 Comments

    Hey asshole.

    I can’t believe I let you have such control over my thoughts and feelings for five entire years. I know this might sound like I’m full of myself (I’m honestly not), but I have so many guys after me, and they’re all more caring, trustworthy, loyal, honest, and kind than you are. And I still chose you. I understand that you had a difficult childhood, and you think your father paid off your ex-therapist to tell you things he wanted and all that terrible stuff. But in all honesty, you’re a piece of shit. You can’t use your childhood as an excuse for treating me like lower than dirt after 5 years of me breaking myself down to be with your bitch ass. You were only good to me for about, oh, a year of being in my life. Not even the first year, which is odd. It’s like it took you some time to understand that I was hopelessly in love and devoted to you. You used to be really nice to me, basically the perfect boyfriend, but I refuse to get into that because I don’t want to feel anything but hatred for you.

    Want to hear what you did to me?

    First, you had a mental breakdown which you blamed on me. Me, calling you and texting you my love every single day of my life, I know our long distance was hard, but its only 2 hours. Not toofar. So then your parents wouldn’t let you talk to me, they thought I was cheating on you or something, which I obviously wasn’t and you know it too. Thanks for letting them believe a lie. Then after us getting in arguments which resulted in me crying several times within a few months, I had a breakdown too. You said you hated me. Then 8 months of not seeing you, I got invited to you house for the weekend.
    I accepted. Thinking you seeing me would change how you felt.

    Saw you, fell in love with you all over again you told me you felt the same.

    I fucking slept with you.

    You suck at sex by the way.

    I cheated on my very nice and thoughtful boyfriend for you.

    You then said you lied that whole weekend, you don’t love me, and you want to date a guy named andrew.

    You expect me to be okay with you being into guys suddenly.

    I hope you know we are never speaking again.

    You let me cry alone in your room. I had a fever and threw up from crying so much.

    You didn’t care.

    You made me leave at one in the morning.

    I fucking hate you.

    You’re dead to me

    You don’t deserve me

    So girls, let this be a lesson.

    If a guy fucks you over even once, just let him go. He’s not worth it. Promise.

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