• I hate you

    by  • July 14, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Goodbye • 0 Comments

    Honestly, I liked you more than I have ever liked anyone in my entire life. The first day I met you I fell for you, and I didn’t even know you yet. You made me so happy, and then you left me out to dry. You made me cry. And for that, I hate you.

    You knew how much I liked you and you chose to take advantage of the fact. You used me. And for that, I hate you.

    You made me look pathetic. You made me give up my morals, something I thought I’d never do. You made me weak. You embarrassed me. You changed me. You made me just another girl. And for that, I hate you.

    I’ve never hated anybody, I really haven’t. I love everybody, I want peace on Earth, people call me “the hippie”. But I really do think I hate you, an emotion I thought I’d never feel. You make me feel bitter. You make me want to puke every time you cross through my head. You make me feel the ugliest emotion in the world, hate. And this makes me hate you even more.

    But starting right now, I’m done with you. I’m forbidding you from my heart and my mind forever. I’m letting go of my hate, sending it out into cyberspace with the “publish” button. I banish you. Goodbye.

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