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    I write this letter to the love of my life, my high school sweetheart, to the guy I swore I would spend the rest of my days with. I’m writing this letter to let you know that I cannot keep our promise, that I cannot run away with you, and that I cannot give you the unconditional passionate love we once shared.

    I am writing you to say that I have moved on. You not need to worry, for he is an amazing guy and I give you my word that he will treat me right. He makes me happy and has taken me in when the rest of the world turned their backs on me. He goes out of his way for me and is always by my side when I need a shoulder to cry on.

    Although I must confess that you tend to cross my mind frequently. Usually while I am alone, as well as when I see your name in my books. You visit me in my dreams occasionally and yes; I miss you oh so much more. I do sometimes think about how your arms feel around me, oh and those warm gentle kisses on your soft lips.

    You must understand that I will always love you, that deep down you still hold a piece of my heart that will forever long for your presence. That you mean the world to me, and no one can ever change the way I feel. I regret to realize though, that I cannot act upon these feelings, for I am to be committed to him.

    I write this letter to you my love, to inform you of my engagement to the man I will purchase my first house in which we will call home, where we will watch the first foot steps of our first child, as well as work restlessly as we watch our dreams turn to realities.

    The wedding will be held precisely 1 month from today; yes on the day you and I first started dating back in high school. It mustn’t come off as a surprise to you, for since the day we had to separate I have despised the arrival of this yearly anniversary and now I shall welcome this day with open arms.

    Maybe we can put the past behind us and have a civilized friendship. I took the liberty to send you an invitation; I hope to see you there.

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