• A lot like love

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    Hey babe,

    You’ll always pop in and out of my life, and I’ve come to accept that. I’ll have another relationship- then you’ll pop in. You’re in the middle of something gone bad, and I’ll show up. I move; you change jobs; I graduate; I love another man; you love another woman… our lives will continually be morphing but yet when you and I find a way to see one another, it simply clicks. Despite time and life’s best and worst changes- we fit. I will put money down now that our story will be parallel to that in “a lot like love.”

    But even if it isn’t, I need you to promise me something: Please don’t settle into something because it’s comfortable. You have dreams of living in New York and have a passion for music. Live it up. Please don’t stay in the same small town dating the same small-town girls who can’t teach you anything new.

    This girl is cute, but what can you get from her? I’m not saying come back to me- I’m saying take a damn chance. You’re so much smarter than me and are the definition of charismatic- you don’t have to stay stuck in your hometown, doing the same thing day-in and day-out.

    Please live the life you have been given. And find someone who makes you feel alive but also makes you want to live.

    I’ll be seeing you.
    -your sweetheart

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