• You are my ~Everything~

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    5 years ago, today, I met you. The most amazingly perfect, funny, sweet, honest, loving guy ever. I was barely 15 and you were pushing 21. everyone told me you were too old and not right for me. my biggest mistake was believing them. I am so sorry i didn’t have faith in us. We were always so perfect together. whenever we were together i felt…alive. Of course i loved before and i will love again, but it won’t be the same. what we had was so perfect, like puzzle pieces fitting together…it was just right. I will never forget sneaking out to see you, our late night drives, our simple conversations, waking up to your ‘Good morning, beautiful’ texts, laying in the grass gazing up at the stars talking about anything and everything.

    i will never forget that one night… it was 3:30am, we were at the beach laying in the sand together, when all of a sudden you looked at me with those perfect green eyes and declared how much you loved me. i never told anyone this, not even you, but I still count that as the best night of my life. i thought leaving you would be the right thing, but it wasn’t. the longer i was away from you, the worse my love got. some days all I could do was look at our pictures and cry about leaving you and cry about the things I said that last night.

    I never meant to hurt you. i want you back more then anything.. if only I could find you today, we could hold each other and I know it would all be okayy, if only for just a second. I don’t even care if you have a new love or anything… i just want you in my life, as a friend, as a lover, as a bestfriend, as anything at all.. just to be next to you till the day I die.

    I understand it’s too late to fix the mistakes I made, but I just want to let you know.. there is a spark in my heart that you started the first night i met you and the longer i knew you, the more it grew. It is now an endless inferno in the center of my existence that still longs for you.

    I always have and always will belong to you and only you. The truest, purest words i know is ‘I Love you’.

    Please, forgive the way i acted. I just want you to know that I love you.

    ~Forever and Always~ ?

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