• They hate you.

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    They say a lot of things against you. My friends, my family. They hate you. They hate you for the way you treat me. They hate you because they have to watch me lose another night’s sleep, they hate you when I do not eat, when I do not talk and when I cry. They hate you for the nights when I am lonely.

    They hate you because you, my boyfriend of nine months, treat me like I’m not worth the ground you walk. They hate you for all times you acted like you didn’t care. They hate you because it’s not an act, because you DON’T care.

    They hate for you for leading me on, all this time and not having the courage to end it. They tell me to run, you know that?

    But I don’t. Because I don’t hate you. Because I love you. And I’m waiting for you to know what you want, even if it means walking away from me. I’m waiting for you to tell me where I stand, so I can walk away. Maybe it makes me weak, maybe they’re right to ask about my pride. But at the start, you saved me, you saved me. And now you’re killing me all over again.

    Just tell me what you want, tell me to walk away. I need answers, but i don’t want to run.

    They hate you because they know how love hurts.

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    1. A
      July 14, 2011 at 2:03 pm

      You’re lucky they hate him. It means they love you. And they love you enough to let you handle this on your own.

      And when he leaves (they inevitably always do), they will be there. And let you love him and hate him all at once.

      Three cheers for those that love you!

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