• thanks for nothing bitch

    by  • July 13, 2011 • To You • 0 Comments

    really bitch you think this would bother me?
    you think you get under my skin?
    you think i go home thinking i lost you?
    well hunny i don’t really care.
    your fucking big nose is almost as big as your ego.
    you’re wasting your time on me, why are you still here?
    you wanna fight me? come at me i’m waiting.
    you have more friends than me, mine are all behind me waiting to kill you.
    i’m ugly, that’s why i got brad not you.
    you kissed him too, ohh i’m sorry sloppy seconds.
    i’m a hoe or is that just because i can get a guy?
    he likes you? not what he told me.
    you had a boyfriend, i don’t recall.
    he lives in canada, so do all fake boyfriends.
    i had sex with him? what i don’t remember.
    i’m pregnant, that’s not what my six pack says.
    i’m fat, no i just have a figure.
    i wear bombshell? no hunny i’m naturally a doubble D.
    yours are real? what’s that coming out of your shirt?
    i’m poor, at least i live in a house.
    you don’t like me, don’t look at me.
    i’m a shit talker, YES I AM! bitch

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