• Sweet thunder from my angel

    by  • July 13, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Those Gone Before Us • 0 Comments

    I’ve never been more proud of anyone in my entire life. You won, bud. You won. You won this year-long battle you’ve been fighting so hard. You’re at Home now. I know we’re going to hurt for a while, because we miss you, because we want you here with us. But we know you’re better off. You’re no longer suffering through that pain, and that makes me so relieved. I wish I could say I had the guts to give you the letter I wrote you, but I didn’t, and now I regret it so much. But you know what it would have said. All my sorority sisters and friends were praying with us for you, bud. It seemed to have worked, didn’t it? You’re finally at peace, resting, watching over us now.

    I will never, ever forget you, baby brother. I will never forget how handsome you looked, with all your hair growing back in. I’ll never forget how you opened your eyes and talked to me when I first got to the hospital. I told you I’d be back in the morning to see you, to wait for me, and you did. You know, I like to think you waited for me, but I know it was for M & C, and J, of course. We had church in your room, you know? We sang all of your favorite songs while the boys played guitar for you.

    It’s thundering right now…but I know it’s just you up there drumming around for us. I love you SO much. Tell Poppy and Mrs. Jane hi for me, okay? Tell them I love them and miss them more and more every day. I know they welcomed you with open arms and a big “roll tide!”

    Rest in peace, my sweet angel.

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