• Stop it.

    by  • July 13, 2011 • Anger • 0 Comments

    You’re full of shit.
    Too sick to hang out? Yeah, BULLSHIT. You are alive and well and quite likely you are reveling in the beauty of your deceit.
    You’re almost 20 years old, it’s time you acted like it.
    But I’m going to be adult enough for the both of us and call you out on your bullshit, because that kind of ignorant, childish behavior is downright selfish and it’s not going to fly with me.
    Just admit that you don’t even like me. Ok? I get it.
    You have cooler friends whom you like better and you don’t hang out with me because of anything but pity.
    I don’t need your pity friendship.
    Maybe we can still be loose acquaintances but I’m done waiting around on you just long enough for you to pull some juvenile bullshit and continue on your merry way.
    Get the fucking facts straight, Sherlock. Here’s one to start with: I am fed up with your idiocy and I’m done being your friend.
    If that’s even what I was.
    See you sometime maybe (I don’t sincerely believe that, I guess the assumed detachment is something I’ve had to use as a defense against getting my hopes up in your favor). And you owe me a book.
    Give it back to me. Fucker.

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