• My Therapeutic Release

    by  • July 13, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, The Ex • 0 Comments

    Why is it that guys move on so quickly after a breakup? Give them a week or two and they are already moving in w/ another girl? But it isnt just any girl..it’s your coworker that I found out you were seeing behind my back, It was easy for you to try to hide considering we were in a long distance relationship. When i confronted you, you said you were just friends, and that she had a boyfriend…Just friends huh?? Then why were you moving in with her so soon after we ended things?? L-I-A-R. As far as I am concerned you both are perfect for each other. If you cheated on me with her, and she cheated on her boyfriend with you..then you deserve each other.

    I am so glad that I found out, I’m so glad I ended things. You were not only emotionally but physically abusive and I dont know why I thought I could change you.

    -keep working a 10-7 job answering phones as a customer service representative, go back to painting/construction/working at a golf course..You told me you had a college degree..i found out from your mom that you didn’t..now it makes sense why you never would apply for any sales positions that i found, or why i never saw any graduation pictures hanging when we went to visit your parents. they had your brothers, not yours.

    -keep struggling to pay your bills. You couldnt afford to come visit me, send me christmas gifts, flowers, let alone take me to dinner..you put everything on your discover card and pay the minimum payments each month, bought a new truck, new fourwheeler you never use…I hope she can help you get out of your debt. I hope your minimum wage job together can pay your bills and keep her happy.

    I’m through thinking about you, I have removed almost everything that reminds me of you out of my life, I have let you go. I have realized that I deserve a guy that is willing to give me the world, spend his time in a commited relationship & not ever make me question his intentions or honesty. I was the best thing that ever happend to you. I was the perfect girlfriend and did everything to try to make you happy & in the end you chose what was conveinant and easy. I know everything i have typed has been slightly harsh, I have forgiven you in my heart, still trying to convince my mind. I hope Karma is kind to you, and most of all I hope that you never regret your decision to choose her, because you can never have me back again.

    -Keep looking in the mirror everyday at the man you have become, does he make you proud? Does the scar across your face remind you of me everytime you see it? Do you flashback to the night you flipped the fourwheeler onto yourself to save my life, it was a memory I will never forget, Greys Anatomy had nothing on that ambulance/ ER time we had together. Knowing that everyday you might possibly think of me when you shave or put lotion on gives me satisfaction because I hope that just maybe you will realize what you lost.

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