• My Dearest

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    I’ve loved you since the day I met you. Honestly, in my heart, I believe I was meant to meet you. Something told me to go out that night, even though I knew I shouldn’t leave my boyfriend at home alone. And there you were. We didn’t even really acknowledge each other until later in the night. I fell asleep in your arms that night, and it felt right.

    You still claim we were never more than friends during those 7 months. If we weren’t, why did you let me stay at your house pretty much every night? Why did you let me meet your son…your family? Why did you get jealous any time I was around certain guys you knew I had history with? Why did you call me “babe” and “your girl”? Why did you have me help you with your son’s birthday party and stay the night at your house on Christmas Eve? Why did we talk constantly when I wasn’t around?

    Most importantly, why did it hurt so bad when you told me you were going back to your ex, the mother of your child? Then when that didn’t work out, why did you come back to me?

    You told me that I’m your favorite girl in the entire world. You told me you wish you could see me every day and every night. You saw me every time you got the chance. Then, when I start getting attached to you again, you start denying that you ever said or did anything that made it seem like you wanted more. Then, yet again, you broke my heart. You suddenly had a girl you wanted to commit to.

    I really did mean it when I said I didn’t want you to talk to me again. I tried not to think about you, I tried to move on and get past all the feelings I have for you. I’m failing miserably at that because all I want to do is talk to you and to see you. And I’m letting you back into my life again. I know I will probably regret the decision.

    But I don’t care because I love you and for some reason, you are worth everything to me. I just wish you would love me too.

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