• My Dear, My Sweetie,Who walked Away

    by  • July 13, 2011 • Lost Love • 0 Comments

    I loved you like you could not believe
    I think about you when i’m with the person i cheated on you for…
    I live each day with the guilt in my heart that you don’t know i cheated
    I hate this that i’m still in love with you…you know it but i can’t say it
    I can’t bring myself to leave were i’m at because you won’t say yes
    I listen to you cry over that dude you picked over me…
    You listen to me about the girl i’m with that you hate that screwed me over so many times
    I sent you money when you needed it
    I wore my rings and cried to the point where i gave them to kids to get over the pain
    I miss you so much i wish you were here now…
    I do everything for you and you could spend all the money i make on the things you want.
    I only cheated it because i didn’t know if i could handle watching you kill your self
    The tears i shed at night when i’m laying next to the wrong person
    It kills me i let your rents send you away from me
    The physical scars i have on my body
    are only reminders of how you left me on that plan
    I put my heart out there for you
    I waited around for you while i was with her
    I went without sex and sobered up
    I changed my ways and became manager of the cafe
    I got a place just for you and me one day
    With all intentions and breaking the girls heart i’m with now just like she did to mine so many times in the past
    I wish you were the one reading this
    But i know it would waste away in your facebook inbox
    Your phone is off now
    I’m sorry i couldnt pay it
    I dream of you…i dream of being with you and then being rejected by you
    i wake up in the middle of the night crying
    On my cross country tour when i’m looking at the stars
    I only cry more because we used to lay out and look at them togther
    I love you…I miss you..
    I wish it was you and i…but i’ll settle for this girl that hurt me over and over and now wants a life with me…when all i want is my life with you again.

    Love your PunkRockChicka

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