• Moonlight.

    by  • July 13, 2011 • Goodbye, Karma • 0 Comments

    Always sitting with a stare. a blank one. there are so many words to be said, but no way to say it. sitting there tightly squeezing your hand, i began to let it all out. you listened, you pulled me closer, you told me you loved me. then it all disappeared the minute you left my side. you say be strong, you say i promise i will do this and that. and you just always turn your back. when will it ever change? the moonlight is the only things that is always looking back at me. i wish when you looked at me you didn’t see right through me, or look right past me. stop and think, care for one second. be real and true for one second and maybe all this will come true. you will open your eyes one day and it will be to late. i will be gone. and when that day comes, and you start to miss me. just please do me one thing, since you failed to be faithful and dependable all this time. just please do not tell me what you miss, how much you miss or that you want me back. because i will come back to you, and i can’t do that. i need to be happy. once upon a time i thought you were my destination. my happiness. but i obviously thought wrong. you do me wrong time, time and again. but yet i’m still so afraid to just walk away. the definition of feeling empty comes in many shapes and sizes so to speak. everyone has their own definition. i once asked you if you have ever felt empty, you answered no. well i sure in the hell pray for you because i hope that when i’m gone you don’t feel empty because i have before, i’ve been that low. i’ve been in a slump and couldn’t get out for quite sometime. it sucks.

    karma’s a bitch. this is my goodbye.

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