• Foolish Heart

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    I have so much to say to you but when I try to write it all down nothing seems to come out. I know that I am not the person that you thought that you knew…and it breaks my heart. I can’t say sorry enough for what I did, and I know that it doesn’t change the past. I should have known better than to make that mistake. The truth is that I did know better and I just didn’t listen to myself.

    You are still the only person that I want to be with, you are still my best friend. I miss you everyday. I miss your skin next to mine when I sleep. I miss your smile and your scent. I miss the way you used to hold me. I miss hearing your voice. Without you there is just a black void where my heart should be. I can love again, but I will never love anyone the way that I love you. I can be happy again, but I will never feel happiness the way I felt it when I was with you.

    I hope one day that you can forgive me, and that we can repair the things that went wrong between us. I promise this time I will be a better person. I promise to be someone who deserves you. I promise to love you the way I should have loved you in the beginning. I promise to stay with you until the end of time.

    Always and Forever,
    My Foolish Heart

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